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Kyle Campbell, One of the partners of Giant Marketing, just met with Gary Vaynerchuk is the chairman of VaynerX and Phil Toronto SVP, Special Projects, Investing & Advisory at Gary Vaynerchuk Co’s – Great things in the works… 11/29/18
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People always say they think it is funny that me, being the “digital guy”, writes books. It’s not because I like to read, it’s because other people like to read and want to consume my content in book form. Direct mail may be an older method of marketing compared to the things the internet is capable of, but for many businesses, it can still work tremendously in their favor.

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Giant Marketing is ‘On the Money’: An Interview with CEO Kyle Campbell

Kyle Campbell with GIANT Marketing (left) and Doug Ireland with Freeland Painting (middle) join host Joe Moss (right) to discuss “Direct Marketing & Things That Matter” related to small business.

On December 03 2014, Giant Marketing’s CEO Kyle Campbell appeared on the popular radio talk show On the Money to talk about “Direct Mailing and Things That Matter”. We want to give a special thanks to Joe Moss and Embassy National Bank for the opportunity to share this information with other businesses, who can utilize the seasoned knowledge and experience of Kyle Campbell of GIANT Marketing in order to help those businesses learn and potentially elevate their own brand’s experience.


We wanted to highlight for you the very BEST of what Kyle Campbell had to say, but no worries – we are also providing you with the full text and audio of everything he covered located at the bottom of this post.


  • Kyle Campbell knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur at the age of 17. He eventually found his calling as he began his ownership over several Anytime Fitness franchises. For his new found franchises, Kyle began utilizing a company called Giant Postcards which he marketed to his fitness clubs soon after. Kyle quickly realized the potential that Giant Postcards carried and he knew that he just had to buy it. With the continuing success of Giant Postcards, Kyle knew that he could grow the company into so much more and thus he created GIANT Marketing.  In Kyle’s words, “I made an offer to the guy that owned Giant Postcards and obviously closed the Anytime Fitness deal, which was huge for the company. Then I decided, why am I just doing postcards? We have a commercial printer, now we actually work with printers all over the nation. So, it didn’t make sense for me just to print postcards. So, now I print everything: door hangers, business cards, post cards, whatever it might be as far as print related marketing. So, I started a company called Giant Marketing about a year ago. I had the foundation from Giant Postcards and over this past 11 or 12 months, we have built the brand that is now Giant Marketing.”


  • Kyle’s businesses have continued to evolve as he has extensively learned what works and what doesn’t through hands-on experience.  This lends credibility to Giant Marketing’s ability to analyze the needs of each business and tailor a customized strategy that is proven to work for the type of success they are seeking. If one way of marketing doesn’t produce the results that a company is looking for, Kyle stresses not to give up on marketing altogether because there are various ways to get your name out there and Giant Marketing can recommend to you that best marketing strategy for your business. Additionally, as an example of how cost effective Giant Postcards really are, Kyle explains: “Another thing that helps small businesses is our shared program. That’s where we can take one person, say Anytime Fitness is obviously our number one client so we can most of the time get them to take one full side of the postcard and if you don’t know what I mean just take a piece of paper—Anytime Fitness is on one side, flip it over, you actually share the back side with anywhere from two business up to eight businesses. If you just want an eighth of a page, we can actually hit ten thousand homes in your area for only $299. A lot of business can afford $299.


  • Kyle’s gyms and GIANT Marketing, in particular, have recently added a lot of products, services, and team members after understanding more of what was needed and desired by its customers. Through Kyle’s actions, he has not only listened to the customers but delivered what they were asking for time and time again. As just one example, at his gym he even added “Fitness on Request, which is your video group fitness. Just to offer classes twenty-four/seven. You can go in to Anytime Fitness and take a class at two a.m. if you wanted to. Obviously, you are there by yourself but a one hundred twenty inch screen pops down and you take whatever class you want.”


  • What is important to Kyle, as both an owner of multiple gyms and a CEO of Giant Marketing, is ensuring the client’s satisfaction, encouraging return business and life-time clients, and his team always maintaining a positive attitude. Specifically, negativity is not tolerated by him because it is not conducive to a successful work environment and it shows in a person’s work. On the other hand, when everyone exudes a positive energy, it shows in their productivity and their quality of work and that is what the customers deserve.


  • On Kyle’s biggest business related fear:  “I would say my number one fear with Giant Marketing, unfortunately, is the post office. It is definitely, once I get to that local post office in your city, whether it’s Atlanta, New York, LA, wherever it is, it’s out of my hands. I can call that post office, I can talk to that manager, but it’s still out of my hands. I can’t be in every post office across the country. So, I would say that’s my biggest fear because it has happened and we’ve taken care of our customer even though it may not be our fault. Because we know, we take care of that customer this time, they will come back to us throughout the year.”


  • While fear is a common feeling among entrepreneurs, Kyle likes to view the experience as “exciting” instead of fear-inducing and his advice to other entrepreneurs is to not let that stop you from taking that next step and making it happen, “My thing is never give up and don’t fold to the fear. Don’t be afraid to take that step. Obviously, it takes money.”… “But yeah, just don’t be afraid. That’s my thing, take that step because there is so many people out there that would be great entrepreneurs, they are just afraid to take that first step. So if they talk to somebody about it, they might be sitting on a million dollar idea—a billion dollar idea. Some people are just afraid to talk to people. So, I would say, definitely don’t be afraid to take that step and stay positive.”

Full Transcript





How to Increase Engagement During a Live Event!

In todays strategy for marketing, their are a plethora of avenues one can use to promote his or her brand. #GiantMarketing has brought you a list of SEVEN key informative tips to build your event presence.

1. Entice new comers by posting flyers and giving out physical information about the event.

Placing flyers and posters around town prior to the event will get people to remember your brand. It’s a cumulative effect, so keep putting them up. It will grow your audience over time. (It goes from “Who are these guys?” to “I’ve heard of them before…”) Make sure that your posters or postcards are printed with all the necessary information about your event.

2. Broadcast the event on all of your web presences and platforms.

Broadcast the event on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Vine, Personal Website, and all of your other web platforms. This is another place where it’s a cumulative effect, so even if not everyone attends, seeing that you are attending a fun event time after time will increase your chances of bringing them out.

3. Send out the information to your mailing list and set up a mailing list at the event.

Your mailing list fans have already wanted to hear about your brand, don’t forget to tell them about your events and fun happenings. Also when you are at the venue make sure to have a device set up to be able to receive new emails. Then when the time comes to run a special or deal, BOOM you have new potential consumers.

 4. Give the event venue some of your brand’s products plus some extras to give out during the event.

Provide the venue or event with some SWAG (Stuff We All Get) for potential consumers and event goers.  This will provide an added element to entice the potential goer to utilize and remember your brand.

5. If you mail out postcards, give them a value.

Sending out mail can be great, but the #GIANT postcard during an event is even better. People are much less likely to throw away a flier if it has some value, and more likely to attend. Our GIANT postcards make it very difficult for potential consumers to throw away and that is why we recommend using them for live events.

6. Draw an untapped audience in from engaging out in the field.

If you are marketing your business at a venue located in a busy city, there is a good chance that people walking down the street or general location will want to come check out what is going on. Have some business partners or employees stand in front to hand out your fliers or postcards and invite people to attend the event. If you can offer them with a deal or contest they will be more likely to attend.

7. Set a contest to promote more traffic to the event.

Giving away tickets through a radio/tv station or social media platforms will introduce you to all of the events existing goers, and a contest naturally interests people because everyone likes to win something.

We hope these tips have enticed you to get out there and get to work! We hope to see you out on the field!


6 Tips and Tricks to make YOUR Live Event a Success

As we begin the fall season, many businesses and fine folks will be out exploring and enjoying the beautiful weather. Events are flooded throughout the months before winter and many businesses do not have a strategy to engage online users while at a LIVE event. This post was created by GIANT marketing professionals which we hope, gives you a head start on engaging with your audience online while being out on the field.

  1.  Make your content valuable: Don’t just throw a hashtag or post out there to compensate for a missing post; rather give your audience a reason to engage with you by providing powerful and valuable content.
  2. Plan your field promotion/ live event strategy: Each time an event happens a team with an effective plan will make the time spent out in the public well worth the time and money.
  3. Curate the best content: Create great content that will engage your consumer but also retweet, share, favorite and like content that is relevant to your brand.
  4. Create a passionate community by continuing the conversation: Gain followers and fans that will continue to support your community and engage with your brand.
  5. Use social media to get feedback: Encourage feedback about the event, and take that feedback to your team and colleagues about the quality and success of your event.
  6. Reward the users with the best engagement: Go beyond the share, like, retweet, or favorite and provide the engaged consumer with a physical reward.

These 6 tips and tricks should help you get a head start to making YOUR live event a success!

See you there! 🙂